Poster Sessions

You will be able to upload a 15 minute short presentation about your work for on-demand viewing before, during and after the conference. This will be a recorded presentation with your visual information.

Our virtual conference will take place from November 19 – 21, 2021. The deadline for uploading your Poster Session Presentation is October 30th, 2021 24:00 hrs MST.

All Poster Presentations will be pre-recorded and provided to us so that we may upload it to the virtual platform. Upload instructions are provided below on this page in the section: Uploading your Poster Session Video.

Preparing your Poster Session Presentation
While we recommend using PowerPoint to build your Poster Session Presentation, you can choose another presentation tool which you are more comfortable with, provided you are able to create a video of your presentation. For instructions on creating your pre-recorded Poster Session Presentation, please consult the section within the left-hand menu titled: Pre-Recording Your Presentation.

Uploading Your Poster Session Video

To upload your Poster Session Presentation Video you must have your video file saved on your computer. Please consult the section within the left-hand menu titled: Pre-Recording Your Presentation.

Once you’ve saved your video file on your computer, you can submit it to us for inclusion in our Virtual Conference’s Poster Session Presentations by uploading your video presentation onto our Google Drive using the link here.

For the video submission, please ensure the shared settings are open or it can be sent via WeTransfer.

IMPORTANT: You must include the following information in the email with your video file submission link:

  • Your Poster Presentation’s Title
  • Your assigned Abstract Number
  • The names of all authors who contributed to the Poster
  • The names of all presenting authors appearing in the video