You can access the event agenda by clicking on Program in the top menu. Click on your session of interest and you’ll see a session card with the title, time and details of the session.

You can build your own calendar by clicking on the Calendar icon and adding the session to your personal calendar. This can be done before the session goes live for each day of the conference.

Attending a Session

All session information including speakers, date, time and host are detailed in the session card.
Please note that the Join Session button will only be available when the Session is live.

Please refer to the image below to see how the Join Session button appears, once the session is live.

When it’s time to enter the session, simply click on the Join button.

Once you have joined the session, use the platform to ask questions, answer the live polls and see the results. You can also take advantage of a live chat option to discuss the session with other attendees in real time.

Re-Watch Session

During a re-watch session, use of the private messaging option to communicate with the speakers and exhibitors. Please refer to the Overview of Platform Features for more details about the private messaging feature.