Overview of Platform Features

Attendee and Exhibitor Directories

Use our searchable directories to quickly find the people and companies you want to connect with.

Private Messaging

Connect with attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors through in-platform messaging, private group networking, and one-on-one chat. This can be done using the Chat and Meet Button.

Appointment Scheduling & Video Meetups

Schedule a one-on-one or private group meeting before and during the conference by clicking the “Meet” button on a user’s profile and selecting a time and date. The recipient will receive a meeting request and will have the option to accept or reject it. The duration of each one-on-one meeting is 15 minutes.

Online Engagement

Visit virtual exhibit booths and meet booth staff via video by pushing the “Meet” button.

Exhibition Hall (Sponsors)
This section will display all the virtual booth profiles participating in the conference.
You can view the virtual booth profile by clicking on the name and it will display all the details about the exhibitors along with their contact details, social media links and relevant brochures.

Visit the lounge to network with other attendees and exhibitors. Check your agenda to see when the lounge is open. Also, note that the number of people at each lounge table is limited to 16; once this limit is reached, you will not be able to join.


Visit a room to join a video chat with an exhibitor you’d like to learn more about. Exhibitors moderate their room and decide who can share audio and video there; you can use the Raise Hand feature to speak with them. Check your agenda to see when the exhibitor rooms are open and start connecting!

Activity Feed

On the event feed, attendees can interact with other participants by posting photos or videos on the feed and by liking or commenting on posts.

How to post photos or videos on the event feed:

  • Click on the Activity feed
  • Click on the Attach icon to attach photos or videos along with your post
  • Click on the Introduce icon to create an introduction post