Setting Up Your Virtual Booth

An email will be sent to you providing login and access information. Once inside the platform, you’ll be directed to your organization’s page, where you can manage your company information and virtual booth, including uploading your company logo, adding videos, staff documents and external links.

Managing Your Virtual Booth

How do I manage my virtual booth and analytics?

  1. Open the event page > login with your registered email ID
  2. An edit option will be available to your representatives where they can access your organization profile to edit it.
  3. By clicking on the setting button, your representative will be able to edit their profile and explore their options:
Edit Profile

Edit your organization profile.

Team Member

Team Members will only be added or removed from the admin dashboard by the organizer.

Product & Service

Manage/edit product images for your company.

Product Videos

Manage/edit product videos for your company.


View the analytical data such as CTA Clicks, Profile Views, Video Views, Chats, Scheduled Meetings, etc.

Adding Booth Staff

Our conference team will be adding your staff to your booth, which will provide your team members access to the virtual booth dashboard to edit their profile, view analytics and so on. 

Note: We will require you to provide their full name, email address and phone number. Please send the information to Tessa Lavoie.

Updating Your Company Profile

Once you are on the MANAGE page, you will find an easy-to-navigate menu providing access to updating your company information, adding your company logo, promotional video or sales collateral. This includes the following options:


Basics allow you to edit the Organization’s details: name, logo, description, and any tags/keywords the host has provided.


Leads list information about attendees who would like more information from you.


Visits list information about attendees who have visited your page — please note that these are not inquiring/ hard leads, and should not be treated as such.


Polls allow you to configure interactive polls for attendees.


Files allow you to upload videos and other documents (e.g. sales collateral) that attendees can view or download. Please note that you can upload a maximum of 10 files; DOCS, PPT or PDF files with a maximum size of 5 MB can be uploaded on your profile.

For video upload – if you use a link, the video player in the app will embed videos from either YouTube or Vimeo. The maximum video file size that can be uploaded is 2GB.

Spotlight Banner

Spotlight Banner allows you to upload a 1036 x 320px image or a YouTube/Vimeo video link.

Listing Page Banner

Applicable to Gold Sponsors: Listing Page Banner allows you to add a 1036 x 220px banner ad (large booth); png or jpg formats only.

Applicable to Silver Sponsors: Listing Page Banner allows you to add a 508 x 150px banner ad (medium booth); png or jpg formats only.

Product Images

Product Images allows you to upload a 512 x 512px png or jpg product image.

Long Description

Long Description allows you to describe what your session is about; please note there is a 4,000 character limit.


Logo allows you to add your company logo; size should be 300 x 300px and in png/jpg format.


Name allows you to add a description of the representative role in your organization; please note there is a 150 character limit.