About the Congress

About ISAMCongress 2021

About the Congress

The ISAM2021 Global Congress is the premier international event for healthcare professionals involved in the world of addiction. This year’s global congress will explore global solutions to international problems in the field of addiction medicine, from policy and prevention to groundbreaking innovations in treatment and care. Attendees will get unrivaled access to the field’s most influential leaders, gain practical insights from top practitioners, and expand their ability to advocate for those living with addictive disorders in their own communities.

The annual ISAM Global Congress provides a rich opportunity to network and share with international colleagues and explore new research findings, innovative practices, sociopolitical ideas and the latest advances in treatment. We look forward to seeing you there.

About ISAM

The International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) is an international society of clinicians, researchers, scientists and policymakers committed to delivering the highest-quality patient centered care all over the world for those living with addictive disorders. ISAM works to support its members and affiliate organizations in driving change through innovation, excellence, and learning, bringing a global approach to developing solutions to the problems of addiction and substance abuse. ISAM members form a community of diverse and collaborative professionals whose varied perspectives provide essential insight into the continued care advances for those navigating and recovering from addictive disorders.